Leslie Ramos Salazar

Dr. Leslie Ramos Salazar


Dr. Leslie Ramos Salazar

California State University, Fresno
Department of Communication
5201 North Maple Ave, Mail Stop SA 46
Fresno, CA  93740-8027

Phone: 559.278.1156 | Fax: 559.278.4113
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Position: Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D., Arizona State University

Interests: Interpersonal Communication, Compassionate Communication, Cyberbullying, Parent-Child Communication and Health Communication, Conflict in Close Relationships, Communication Theory, Quantitative Methods.

Dr. Leslie Ramos Salazar (or “Dr. Leslie”) is Assistant Professor of Interpersonal Communication at Fresno State. Her teaching experience includes Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking, and Small Group Discussion at Cal State University, Long Beach. She is also experienced in teaching courses in Relational Communication, Conflict Management (online), and Business and Professional Communication at Arizona State University.

Dr. Ramos Salazar conducts research on interpersonal communication, compassionate communication, conflict, negotiation, and facilitation, and health communication. More specifically, her research interests are centered on the ways human beings can improve their own communication skills to improve fruitless communication patterns in relationships that deal with relational problems (e.g., cyberbullying, destructive conflict; health issues). Her current research interests involve exploring whether expressing compassion in friendships, families, and romantic relationships can empower individuals to lead healthier relationships, which can enhance their quality of life.

Her current research projects include preventing cyberbullying perpetration behaviors in middle schools and preventing STI/HIV infections among college students using communication theories. In addition, her research has been competitively selected for presentation at the Western States Communication Association, National Communication Association, and International Communication Association since 2009. In 2013 she was elected to serve as Vice-Chair in 2014 and Chair in 2015 of the Health Communication division of the Western States Communication Association. Her forthcoming work with the Cyberbullying Research Team will appear in Communication Quarterly in 2013.