Our faculty represents the finest combination of teaching and research.  The faculty has amassed numerous awards and recognitions both on our campus and across our discipline.  Our faculty includes some of the most respected academicians within the field of communication. Our scholars have produced a prolific amount of research, with many books, journal articles, book chapters and convention papers.  They sit on editorial boards and actively hold leadership positions throughout our discipline. 

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Emeriti Faculty

R. Gene Anderson, Ph.D. University of Colorado

Communication Education / Instructional Communication / Verbal Interaction Analysis / Questioning Strategies / Classroom Discipline

Hal Bochin, Ph.D. University of Indiana

History of American Public Address / Rhetorical Criticism / Argumentation & Debate / Group Discussion

Melanie Bloom, Ph.D. Ohio University

Culture & Learning Styles / Intercultural Communication / Male-female Communication / Instructional Communication / Interpersonal Communication

John Cagle, Ph.D. University of Iowa

Rhetorical & Communication Theory /Group Communication /Computer Applications / Statistics & Research Methods / Language & Culture / Professional Communication Skills 

Carl W. Carmichael, Ph.D. University of Iowa

Communication Aspects of Aging / Social Linguistics / Persuasion

Connie Conlee, Ph.D. University of Oklahoma

Organizational Communication / Group Communication / Health Communication / Computer Applications / Leadership 

L. Ralph Hennings, Ph.D. University of Oregon

Humanities / Post Modernism / Rhetorical Theory / Rhetorical Criticism / Political Communication / British Studies / Philosophy

David Natharius, Ph.D. University of Southern California

Interpersonal & Group Communication / Gender Communication / Experiential Learning / Conflict Management / The Humanities

David Quadro, Ph.D. University of California at Los Angeles

Argumentation / American Public Address / Rhetorical Theory

Sally Cahill Tannenbaum, Ed.D. California State University, Fresno

Instructional Communication / Service-Learning / Political Persuasion / Rhetorical Criticism / Leadership

W. Richard Ullmann, Ph.D.

Communication Research Methods / Social Influence & Attitude Change / Persuasion / Interpersonal Communication / Litigation Consulting

Emeriti Faculty (Deceased)

Vincent L. Bloom, Ph.D. Ohio University

Family Communication / Interpersonal Communication / Communication Theory / Communication Apprehension / Philosophy of Communication

Howard J. Campbell, Ed.D. University of California at Berkeley

Interpersonal Communication / Instructional Communication / General Semantics / Intercultural Communication

George E. Diestel, Ph.D. University of Southern California

Rhetorical & Communication Theory / Humanities / Computer Applications, Statistics, & Research Methods / Freedom of Speech / Silence / Leadership / Holocaust Studies

Gail Sorensen, Ed.D. West Virginia University

Instructional Communication

Charles Taylor, Ed.D. University of California at Los Angeles

Oral Communication / General Semantics / Instructional Communication / Intercultural Communication