Graduate Teaching Associates

A number of Graduate Teaching Associateship (GTA) positions are available to students who are accepted to and enrolled in the Communication M.A. program. Qualifications for an associateship include previous records of outstanding achievement in academic work, outstanding subject matter competence in Communication, and the special qualities necessary to the teaching duties assigned. These associateships are awarded competitively. The exact number of positions available vary each year. 


GTAs typically teach two sections of a lower-division General Education course (COMM 3 or Fundamentals of Public Communication (Public Speaking)) under the close supervision of the Graduate Teaching Associate Coordinator, Dr. Sergio Juárez. For more specific information on the Graduate Teaching Associate position, please contact Dr. Sergio Juárez.


Eligibility for an initial associateship requires both (1) possession of a baccalaureate degree and (2) admission to the Communication M.A. program. Subsequent appointments require that students maintain a 3.0 GPA, be enrolled in coursework toward their graduate degree, and demonstrate satisfactory progress toward completion of the Commmunication M.A.


Application to be a Graduate Teaching Association is separate from the application for admission to the Communication M.A. program. To apply to be a GTA, please submit materials to the follow link. If you are a continuing Communication M.A. graduate student but are applying to be a Graduate Teaching Associate for the first time, submit materials to the following link and also please email submission of a PDF of a writing sample and PDFs of three letters of recommendation from faculty to the Graduate Teaching Association, Dr. Sergio Juárez.


The deadline to apply is February 1, 2022. However, applications are accepted as early as October 1, 2021. 

Teaching Associate Coordinators

Graduate Teaching Associate Coordinator

Dr. Sergio Juárez
Email | Phone: 559.278.1156