From the Department Chair

Welcome to the virtual home of the Department of Communication!  Our aim is to prepare you to compete, understand and provide global leadership in a communication-oriented society. We offer a balance of humanistic and scientific instruction that people need to function effectively in teaching, business, law, the communication professions, public service and administration, public service, politics, and management.

Our program requires a comprehensive understanding of the breadth and depth of our discipline, as well as its major theoretical frameworks and research methodologies. Both the major and minor are grounded in the fundamental communication contexts including public, interpersonal, group, organizational, instructional, and intercultural communication. Additionally applied contexts in business communication, health communication, gerontology communication, technology, and leadership are available. Students investigate problems in diverse cultural settings, which make the San Joaquin Valley - with its tremendous ethnic diversity - an ideal location for study.

We are very proud of our faculty who has amassed numerous awards and recognitions both on our campus and across our discipline.  Our scholars have produced a prolific amount of research, with many books, journal articles, book chapters and convention papers.  They sit on editorial boards and actively hold leadership positions throughout our discipline.

Our program offers a variety of exciting activities to enrich your educational experience.  We hope you choose to explore further the exciting world of Communication!

Dr. Douglas Fraleigh
Department Chair