Artists and Creative Intellectuals

2013-2014 Data and Technology

Artist-in-Residence: Professor Joseph Delappe, MFA
Joseph Delappe is a Professor of the Art Department at the University of Nevada, Reno where he directs the Digital Media Program. Recently, he has directed his focused on modern American issues such as the war in Iraq as inspiration for his works. The confrontation between America and the Middle East has inspired projects such as dead-in-iraq, his work in online gaming performance, and a unique bike ride he took around Nellis Air Force Range marking an area large enough for a solar farm that would be capable of powering the United States.

His controversial yet powerful works bring what some would consider a "taboo" subject to life. 

The Center of Creativity and the Arts is honored to welcome Professor Delappe this year. He will be at Fresno State in November and again in the spring where he will begin work on "The Drone Project".

More information about Joseph Delappe can be found on his website:

Dr. Brian Croxall, Ph.D
Dr. Brian Croxall is kicking off our academic year with a lecture entitled "The Red Herring of Big Data." Currectly a Professor of English and Digital Humanities Strategist at Emory University, Dr. Croxall has taken a special interest in media and technology, incorporating in his vast knowledge of media theory in lectures and conferences he has participated in. 
As we move through the early years of the 21st century, technology has taken the center stage. Overall, it is seen as a good thing, a giant step forward. However, we need people like Dr. Croxall to analyze the pros and cons of media and technology in order to have better use of it in the future and more importantly a better understanding of how technology works.

If you are would like more information on Dr. Croxall please visit his wesite at:

Angelica Muro, MFA
Angelica Muro was a natural choice as a guest speaker for CCA because her artwork meets the main goal of our center: sparking conversations throughout the community. Her work involving class and wealth forces us to analyze our own perceptions on these issues and re-evaluate our own ways of life. 

More information regarding her lecture will be available soon and more information on Ms. Muro is available on her website:

2012-2013 Consumption and Sustainability

Artist-in-Residence: Jonathan Brilliant, MFA
Do we still live in a natural environment? Look around you. With man-made buildings, cars, technology, and carefully manicured nature it is easy to believe that our natural environment has been over run by men. But is that really the case? Artist Jonathan Brilliant challenges the assumption that our natural environment has disappeared. Rather, he uses a new, modern environment, the "coffee shop" as the medium to his work.
Central to his work are the wooden stir-sticks which he weaves together, without glue, to create massive and beautiful sculptures. Brilliant was in-residence at Fresno State in September 2012 where he created one of these "stir-stick sculptures" which was displayed in the Henry Madden Library Ellipse Gallery. 

For more information on Jonathan Brilliant, here is a link to his website: 

Patrick Dougherty
Growing up in North Carolina, the woodlands strongly influenced Patrick Dougherty's work. In his adult life, Dougherty used his skills in carpentry and love of nature to begin experimenting with tree saplings as construction material. As he gathered knowledge and experience, small pieces turned into massive, site specific sculptures constructed from sticks delivered by the truckload. To date, Dougherty has constructed over two hundred and thirty stick sculptures across the globe.
Doughtery's project at Fresno State is entitled "The Learning Curve" and can still be seen on campus today in front of the Conley Art Building. Inspired by the great wall of China, the structure emphasizes the curve of the hill on which it sits.
His use of the natural environment fit perfectly with the theme of Consuption and Sustainability. CCA was honored to welcome and work with him during the 2012-2013 academic year.

If you would like more information about Patrick Dougherty and his works please visit his website at the following link:

2011-2012 Immigration, Migration, and Labor

Artists-in-Residence: Margarita Cabrera
Margarita Cabrera is an artist, activist and organizer who focuses on modern issues related to border relations, labor practices and immigration. She highlights the issue of third-world production and first-world consumption, challenges labor laws, and draws upon local communities to help manufacture her work. As CCA's first artist-in-residence, Cabrera brought the community together with her Cotton Circles project which reintroduced a cultural Mexican weaving tradition that was slowly being lost to the ages. 

Working with famous artesana Monica Luisa Nambo Torres to create beautiful tapestries, Cabrera was not only able to share her expertise but educate volunteers on how craft production can facilitate dialogue about social issues.

We were very proud to have Margarita Cabrera as our fist artist-in-residence and if you would like to read more about Ms. Cabrera please visit her website at: