Gallery Technician

Edward Lund

Phone: (559) 278-2121


Phebe Conley Gallery

Conley Art Building
Room 105

Dean's Gallery

West Wing, Music Building

Lobby by Room 186



Conley Art Gallery


Spring 2014 Schedule


2014 Art Invitational:

21 January – 21 February 2014

Reception: Thursday 23 Jan 5-8pm

Artist Lectures 3-5pm in Conley 101


Isabel Barraza – Master of Arts Exhibition

27 February – 7 March 2014

Reception: Thursday 27 Feb 5-8pm


Maria Carillo – Master of Arts Exhibition

13 - 23 March 2014

Reception: Thursday 13 Mar 5-8pm


Annual Senior Art Show

10 – 25 April 2014

Reception: Thursday 10 April 5-8pm


Graphic Design Portfolio

2 – 7 May 2014

Reception: Friday 2 May 5-8pm


Student Exhibition in the Conley Art gallery

The Phebe Conley Gallery, located in the Conley Art Building, provides critical exhibition space for Art and Design Department students to prepare for a professional career, provides actual installation experiences, and connects the students with the community by providing four large student exhibitions each year and multiple Masters Degree Student Exhibitions.