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Degrees and Programs

The Department of Art and Design offers many exciting and creative opportunities for students to nurture and expand their artistic and design senses. Entering the 21st century, the department provides a broad range of experiences that prepare its graduates for art- and design-related career opportunities and artistic endeavors. Students study and produce works that include state-of-the-art computer applications, conceptual art, graphic design, and interior design. The department has fine arts as its core and foundation, while offering areas of study that allow for occupational preparation in a variety of areas.

The award-winning faculty is committed to the idea that a foundation in the crafts of art and design is an essential prerequisite to the production of works that show sophistication both conceptually and visually.


Areas of Emphasis: Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, Animation and New Media, Photography, Printmaking, Art History and a Bachelor of Art with Graphic Design Option

Areas of Emphasis: Graphic Design, Illustration and Interactive Multimedia Design

Areas of Study

Art History

Our areas of specialization include Modern and Contemporary Art, the Renaissance and Baroque of Italy and Northern Europe as well as the indigenous cultures of Native North America, pre-Columbian Mexico and Peru, sub-Saharan Africa and the South Pacific. We emphasize the social history of art and thus endeavor to link artworks to their contexts, focusing on the cultural groups that produced the work and the conditions (historical, social and environmental) that dictated the nature of the artistic product. The Art History area has a long history of student field trips, international travel, and graduate seminars that often result in exhibitions and student publications.