Upcoming Fall 2015
Armenian and Armenian Studies Courses


General Education-Arts & Humanities, Area C2

Arm 1B Elem Armenian 4 MW 10:00-11:50A Der Mugrdechian
 Arm 2A  Inter Armenian  3  TuTh 11:00A-12:15P  Der Mugrdechian

General Education-Arts & Humanities, Area C1

 ArmS 20  Arts of Armenia  3  TuTh 9:30A-11:00A  Der Mugrdechian

 General Education-Social, Political, and Economic Institutions
and Behavior, Historical Background
, Area D3

 ArmS 10  Intro Arm Studies  3  MWF 12:00P-12:50P  Staff
 ArmS 10  Intro Arm Studies 3  TuTh 8:00A-9:15A  Staff

 General Education-Arts & Humanities, IC

 Arm 148  Masterp Arm Culture  3  MW 2:00P-3:15P  La Porta
 Arm 148  Masterp Arm Culture 3  MW 3:30P-4:45P  La Porta


Upper Division Courses

ArmS 108A Arm History I 3 TuTh 3:30P-4:45P La Porta