Books by Barlow Der Mugrdechian

David of Sassoun: Critical Studies on the Armenian Epic, eds. Dickran Kouymjian and Barlow Der Mugrdechian (Fresno: The Press at California State University, Fresno, 2013). 209pp. Essays on the Armenian Epic.

Between Paris and France: Armenian Studies in Honor of Dickran Kouymjian, ed. Barlow Der Mugrdechian (Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda Press, 2008). 761 pp. English and French. A Festschrift in honor of Dickran Kouymjian.

The Armenian Bible: A Symposium Celebrating the 1600th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Armenian Alphabet and the Translation of the Bible into Armenian, ed. Barlow Der Mugrdechian (Burbank, Ca: Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of North America, 2007). Armenian and English. 130 pp.

Navasargian, Alice, Armenian Women of the Stage, tr. Barlow Der Mugrdechian (Glendale, CA: Alice Navasargian, 1999). 304 pp., ill. Armenian and English.

Navasargian, Alice, Iran-Armenia Golden Bridges: 20th Century Iranian-Armenian Painters, tr. Barlow Der Mugrdechian (Glendale, CA: AAA Publishing, 1997). 197pp., ill. Armenian and English.

Hairapetian, Srbouhi, A History of Armenian Literature: From Ancient Times to the Nineteenth Century, eds. Barlow Der Mugrdechian and Yervant Kotchounian (Delmar, New York: Caravan Books, 1995). 650pp. English.