College of Arts and Humanities Spotlight

Four College Faculty Recognized as Provost’s Awards Recipients for 2012-2013


Excellence in Teaching

Honora Chapman photo

Honora Howell Chapman, Ph.D. is Professor of Classics and Humanities, Coordinator of Classics, and Director of the Smittcamp Family Honors College at California State University, Fresno. Since 2002, she has taught Greek and Latin, Humanities surveys, and several different honors courses at Fresno State. She co-authored the Brill Josephus Project volume Judean War 2, is currently co-editing the Companion to Josephus, and lectures and publishes also on early Christianity, Greek poetry, and Roman monuments. She served as co-chair of the Josephus Seminar/Group of the Society of Biblical Literature from 2000-2008.

“All You Need is Love” presented on November 20, 2013 at the Henry Madden Library on the Provost's Awards Lecture Series

“This lecture is not about The Beatles (so sorry!), but it addresses what we love to do as professors: research and teach.  Explaining how I discovered and developed my passion for the field of classics, I shall suggest how we all can approach research and teaching with the most pleasant and successful results. Finally, I hope to share some of the humanistic sources. I teach here at Fresno State and to argue for their value for all of us, including our students”. Honora Chapman

Dr. Honora Chapman's Lecture        Dr. Honora Chapman's Powerpoint


 Graduate Teaching and Mentoring

Shane Moreman

Shane Moreman, Ph.D, joined Communication in 2003, drawn to the San Joaquin Valley’s complex diversity. His research concerns Latinas/os, but more generally it involves communication competence across all cultures. Along with Intercultural Communication, his graduate courses include Ethnography as Communication Inquiry, Communication Theory & Research, and Cultural Criticism of Media. His graduate advisees have been Dean’s and President’s Medalists, NCA and WSCA Top Paper recipients; and scholars for Sally Casanova, McNair and Fulbright. He continues to publish with his students. Outside of Communication, he has served on thesis committees for Art & Design, Psychology, and the EdD in Educational Leadership. Currently, Dr. Moreman leads the Center for Creativity and the Arts as Executive Director.


 Technology in Education

Miles Ishigaki photo

Miles Ishigaki, D.M.A. is a Professor of Music who, in addition to his teaching and creative activities as the Music Department’s Clarinet professor, is actively engaged in multiple uses of instructional technology to enhance student learning outcomes. A 2013 eScholar course redesigner, he has incorporated the use of new digital technologies such as a lightweight electronic MIDI keyboard that fits into a backpack in his Music Fundamentals course. He has also designed the course so that students may access and interface with it via any digital personal assistant students may own such as an iphone or an android smart phone, ipad, etc. Miles currently collaborates with computer scientists David Carlton, Ryan Miyakawa, and Chris Anderson of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and developers of the innovative iBook Hooktheory.




Promising New Faculty

Kevin Kuswa

Kevin Kuswa, Ph.D. is the Director of Forensics and has helped to rebuild the Fresno State Debate team, a.k.a. The Barking Bulldog, into one of the top rising programs in the country during the 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons. Having himself won the National Debate Tournament for Georgetown University in 1992, Kevin has since coached prominent collegiate debate teams from Dartmouth, the University of Texas at Austin, and the University of Richmond to impressive distinctions.   Since joining the faculty at Fresno State in 2011, Kevin’s students have won a number of tournaments including a debater being selected to the All-American Debate team, a debater winning the "Novice of the Year Award," a debate team placing in the top 40 at the CEDA National tournament, and himself being selected as the "Judge of the Year" in the Pacific region.  Kevin’s recent publications are in the areas of critical pedagogy, continental theory, and the rhetoric of social movements. One of his co-authored pieces published in Rhetoric Society Quarterly can be found here:


Programs in the College of Arts and Humanities

Programs in the College of Arts and Humanities provide you with the base of humanistic studies and creative expression essential to the understanding of contemporary civilization. Reflect critically on questions of belief, values, and the nature of human existence. Expand your imagination and creativity. Develop an appreciation and understanding of the great works of human imagination.

Message from the Dean

Dr. Vida Samiian, Dean

Is an education in the Arts and Humanities worth anything? At times I run across this question — perhaps less bluntly put — in conversations with parents or students. It actually might be more appropriate to ask... read more