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  • Expand your imagination and creativity.

  • Reflect critically on questions of belief, values, and the nature of human existence.

  • Develop an appreciation and understanding of the great works of human imagination.

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Advising and Support Center

The College of Arts and Humanities Advising and Support Center (ASC) exists to help students successfully navigate through their college careers. ASC is equipped with professional advisors and counselors who are committed to providing appropriate information to help students achieve their academic, career and personal goals.

The Center is located in Room 156 of the Speech Arts Building.

(559) 278-4597

Academic Counselors

Krista Hall 

Felicia Salcido

Nadia Margison 


Make an appointment through GradesFirst, call or e-mail.

Meet Your Dean

Dr. Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval

Saul DeanDr. Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval has a Ph.D. from UC, Irvine, and a Certificate in Critical Theory from Cornell University.  Dr. Jiménez-Sandoval has chosen Fresno as his home, and he sees his role at Fresno State as part of a broader commitment to the region.  His research is influenced by deconstructionist and post-colonial theories, as these afford a theoretical and metaphorical space in which to explore the being in process that is unconstrained by a stagnant ontology.  He has published on authors from the Spanish Golden Age, Mexican literature, and Portuguese poetry.  Dr. Jiménez-Sandoval has been instrumental in developing the MA program in Spanish, and has chaired MCLL for 6 years.  His passion for student success is evident by the 26 MA theses he has directed.

Provost’s Award Recipients for 2017

Outstanding teaching, research and service are central to the mission of Fresno State. The dedication of our professorial faculty deserves special recognition. Recipients of the Provost's Awards provide our students with a stimulating environment that fosters learning and affirms the university as the intellectual and cultural leader of the San Joaquin Valley. The Provost's Awards honor those faculty members who set new standards of excellence and represent the heart of this great university.

Dr. Benjamin Boone

Provost's Award for Excellence in Teaching, for 2017 - Dr. Benjamin Boone, Professor of Music

Dr.Benjamin Boone (music) joined Fresno State in 2000. Boone’s classroom is said to be a laboratory of life with no boundaries of creativity. He recently brought one of the world’s greatest string quartets, Germany’s Verdi Quartet, to Fresno State for a one-week residency to guide music composition students. Boone’s works have garnered 18 national and international honors and awards. His research on speech from a musical perspective has been noted in Oxford’s “The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians,” the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America and in Judith Martinovich’s “Creative Expressive Activities and Asperger’s Syndrome.”

Alison Mandaville

Provost's Award for Promising New Faculty, for 2017 - Dr. Alison Mandaville, Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Alison Mandaville (English) joined Fresno State in 2013. Mandaville, a scholar as well as a creative writer, has contributed to teacher education, graphic novels and Azerbaijani literature. Her research on the poetry of Azerbaijani women has made much of the poetry accessible to English readers. Mandaville received the California State Classroom Teaching Excellence Award for 2016. She is currently working on improving Fresno State student graduation rates by developing a new online degree program.


Programs in the College of Arts and Humanities

Programs in the College of Arts and Humanities provide you with the base of humanistic studies and creative expression essential to the understanding of contemporary civilization. Reflect critically on questions of belief, values, and the nature of human existence. Expand your imagination and creativity. Develop an appreciation and understanding of the great works of human imagination.