Agricultural DeLorean: A Step into the Future
Alumni Chase Shapansky
Agricultural DeLorean: A step into the future
An unexpected match up of cultivation and innovation brings to life a fully autonomous orchard sprayer referred to as the Global Unmanned Spray System (GUSS), merging the lines between agriculture and engineering.
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Debbi Giannoni Herr
Helping those around us: Nursing and beyond 
“My career began in the summer of ’69 — Ken and I married and the next day we flew out to Alabama. It was a huge challenge to work in the Deep South,” Debbi Giannoni Herr (1969) said in recounting her decades-long career as a nurse and educator.
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Alumni Arnulfo Cedillo
From Farmland to Office of the President
“When I started school, porque no habla inglés, they actually had me down as a special education student… I was mentally retarded according to them,” said Dr. Arnulfo Cedillo (1974) recalling one of his first encounters with education.
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Alumna Jordan King
Clarity among the cookie chaos
Outside her office, cars race down Shaw Avenue passing a vibrant green and white banner that reads, ‘The Cookies Are Here.’ The rush of traffic diffuses into a steady hum that can be heard inside her office.
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Top Dog Katherine Horstmann Huebert
Meet Katherine Horstmann Huebert, 2017 Craig School of Business Outstanding Alumna
To the surprise of her parents, Katherine Huebert was born with a cleft palate. In the first 15 years of her life, she underwent over 16 surgeries.
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