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Jul. 2015  
Recent grad returns home to Nepal, begins rebuilding her country
Son honors mother's memory with education scholarship
Chapters, clubs and networks: A great way to connect with alumni
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College of Science and Math: alumni and students equals unlimited potential
Volunteers needed: Help us with dorm move-in day!
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Bulldogs at B-K Lighting  
Featured: B-K Lighting - Several Bulldogs work at B-K Lighting, designing products that are used around the world, from Dubai to Las Vegas to right here in the Central Valley
Outdoor photo   Memorial photo
Nina Eakins (2014)  
Teaching abroad and traveling the world
After Nina Eakins graduated in 2014, she left Fresno to teach in
South Korea in hopes of fulfilling her unsatisfied feelings of wanderlust.
Eakins’ degree is in health administration, and she said that although
it doesn’t relate to teaching, she uses skills that she learned from her
degree every day, like public speaking.   Read Nina’s story >
Bettering families’ educational journeys, bettering families’ lives
“I fell in love with the program from the first time I heard about it,”
says Olga de la Nunez (2003) as she remembers learning about the
Parent Institute for Quality Education. In her eight years of working
at the nonprofit, her love for PIQE has only grown.   Read Olga’s story >
  Olga de la Nunez (2003)
Stacey Phillips (1989)  
Bringing justice as a deputy D.A.
Stacey Phillips (1989) is a deputy district attorney for Fresno County,
where she reviews police charges and decides which of them will go
to court for prosecution. Working for the County of Fresno for over
20 years, Phillips is one of about 100 district attorneys. Read Stacey’s story >
Smittcamp Alumni House - Make your next event special!
Santa Rosa Junior College Shone Farm
7450 Steve Olson Lane, Forrestville, CA 95436
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#FSDogDays is in full swing! Welcome to campus, incoming students! We're so happy you're here! #AlumFromDayOne
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