Taking flight: The legacy of Fresno's own Tuskegee Airman
painting of ace lawson in a plane
Taking flight: The legacy of Fresno's own Tuskegee Airman
“He had a scar on his leg he liked to talk about, said it was where the Germans shot him through his plane,” Patricia Dawson says of her father, Herman “Ace” Lawson (Alumnus).
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Imamura family
Imamura family legacy lives on at Fresno State
In the four walls of South Gym’s Room 134, Richard Imamura is finishing up his last judo class...
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Aaron Merrell and his dog
Local pet treat pioneers 
Food — it’s at parties and celebrations. Families connect over dinner. It’s what brings us together. And Aaron Merrell (2002, ’04), CEO of Plato Pet Treats, is using food to bring us closer to our pets.
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Warren Paboojian at Top Dog Alumni Awards Gala
Meet Warren Paboojian, 2017 College of Arts and Humanities Outstanding Alumnus
When Warren R. Paboojian is called a “Bulldog in the courtroom,” he smiles.
“After being a lawyer for over 30 years, I’ve developed a little bit of a nickname...
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Library Art Exhibition
Exhibition shows 66 years of work by local artist Normart
The Henry Madden Library will host an exhibition of local artist Corky Normart, a Fresno native and Fresno State alumnus, featuring cityscapes and landscapes of the region and a selection of his new work.
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