2018 Award Recipients

Safiya Umoja Noble (1995)
Distinguished Alumna

Harry Gaykian (1955)
Arthur Safstrom Service Award

Outstanding Alumni by College and Division:

Jim Marderosian (1979)
Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology

Gerald McMenamin (1972)
College of Arts and Humanities

Chris Williams (1994)
Department of Athletics

James G. Parker III (1972)
Craig School of Business

Michael Giovannetti (1970, '72, 2001)
Kremen School of Education and Human Development

Steven Schmidt (1977)
Lyles College of Engineering

Mike Snell (2004, '10)
Division of Graduate Studies

Timothy McGonigle (1980)
College of Health and Human Services 

Ellen Gorelick (1979)
Henry Madden Library

Raymond L. Rodriguez (1969)
College of Science and Mathematics

Rosendo Peña, Jr. (1977)
College of Social Sciences

Christopher Morse (1988)
Kenneth Wittwer (1986)
Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

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