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Top Dog Alumni Awards Gala

November 7, 2014  • 5:30 PM  •  Save Mart Center

Congratulations to the 2013 Top Dog Honorees! 

Distinguished Alumnus: Darius Assemi – BS ‘83 

Outstanding Alumni by College

  • Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology: Enrique E. Figueroa – BS ‘73
  • College of Arts and Humanities: H. Anthony Marquez – BA ‘85
  • Department of Athletics: Kevin Sweeney – BS ’87 (LIFE)
  • Craig School of Business: Tim Rios – BS ‘93
  • Kremen School of Education and Human Development: Ruben V. Castillo – BA ‘94
  • Lyles College of Engineering: Kirk D. Grimes – BS ‘80 
  • Division of Graduate Studies: Carole Goldsmith – BA ‘91, Ed.D. '05
  • College of Health and Human Services: Nancy Hollingsworth – BS ‘82
  • Henry Madden Library: Saundra ‘Sandy’ Speers Stubblefield – Alumna
  • College of Science and Mathematics: Ken Schmidt – BS ‘64 
  • College of Social Sciences: Henry R. Perea – BS ’74
  • Division of Student Affairs: Carissa Phelps – BA ‘02

Arthur Safstrom Service Award:

  • Omel Nieves – BA ’83 (LIFE)
  • Dennis R. Woods – BA ‘69 (LIFE)

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 Photos from the 2013 Top Dog Alumni Awards Gala

Darius Assemi Enrique Figueroa
Darius Assemi with President Joseph I. Castro

Click here to watch Darius' speech

Enrique E. Figueroa

Click here to watch Enrique's speech

Anthony Marquez

Anthony Marquez with Vida Samiian

Click here to watch Anthony's speech

Kevin Sweeney

Kevin Sweeney with Thomas Boeh 

Click here to watch Kevin's speech

Tim Rios

Tim Rios with Robert Harper

Click here to watch Tim's speech

Ruben Castillo

Ruben Castillo with Jim Marshall

Click here to watch Ruben's speech
Kirk Grimes

Kirk Grimes with Ram Nunna

Click here to watch Kirk's speech

Carole Goldsmith

Carole Goldsmith with Sandy Witte

Click here to watch Carole's speech

Nancy Hillingsworth

Nancy Hollingsworth with Jody Hironaka-Juteau

Click here to watch Nancy's speech

Saundra Stubblefield

Saunda 'Sandy' Speers Stubblefield with Dave Tyckoson

Click here to watch Sandra's speech

Ken Schmidt

Ken Schmidt with Susan Elrod

Click here to watch Ken's speech

Henry Perea

Henry Perea with Luz Gonzalez

Click here to watch Henry's speech

Carissa Phelps

Dennis & Omel

Carissa Phelps with Paul Oliaro

Click here to watch Carissa's speech
Dennis Woods and Omel Nieves with Clyde Ford

Click here to watch Dennis' and Omel's speech