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Ambassador Caitlyn Cardoza

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Name: Caitlyn Cardoza

Hometown: Hanford, CA

Major:  Animation

Passions/Hobbies: I have an undying love for anything Disney. I enjoy soccer, water polo, and sketching. And lastly, I love animals, children, and God. 

Degree objective: B.A. in Art

What I love most about Fresno State: Overall, it's a very positive community, full of diverse people as well as enthusiastic teachers that really care about your education. There is always an activity or event to be involved in that will help form strong friendships and lasting memories involving your interests and hobbies.

What I plan to do after I graduate: I hope to move on to great things in my field in a graduate program and intern with Disney or Pixar, to ultimately move my way up the ladder in hopes of being an animator for either company.