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The Bulldog Pride Fund was established in 2005 by Peter Robertson (BA '92, MA '95, MBA '05), and officially recognized by the Fresno State Alumni Association in 2006. It is an endowed scholarship with one simple mission: To provide an annuity that supports students attending Fresno State.

The BPF scholarship selection criteria is that an "incoming or returning Fresno State student with good academic standing that has demonstrated pride and/or volunteer, service in the community" be selected as its recipient(s).

Currently, the BPF bestows the following awards:

  • BPF: ASI President's Award to Fresno State students elected ASI president;
  • BPF: Drum Major Award to the senior drum majors of the Bulldog Marching Band;
  • BPF: Eartha Kitt Vocal Performance Award to outstanding students majoring in vocal performance;
  • BPF: General Award to students with good academic standing that have demonstrated pride and/or volunteer, service in the community;
  • BPF: Harvey Milk Humanics Award to students completing the Humanics' Certification Program;
  • BPF: Larry Newsome Theatre Arts Award to outstanding students majoring in theatre arts;
  • BPF: TimeOut Spirit Award to students that perform as Fresno State's mascot; and
  • BPF: USP President's Award to students elected president of this student organization.

The BPF is administered by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships which is located in the Joyal Administration Building. All applicants are processed online. Please note the related deadlines. Details

Bulldog Pride Fund Non-Discrimination Policy

In compliance with federal and state legislation, all Bulldog Pride Fund at Fresno State applicants, awardees and alternates are considered without regard to: sex, race, age, color, creed, religion, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, disability or covered veterans status. The BPF actively seeks and encourages applicants from all segments of our diverse society.









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