Chapters, Clubs & Networks

The purpose of all Fresno State Alumni Association alumni and friend's chapters and clubs is to:

1. Establish closer contact between Fresno State and its alumni.
2. Promote the goals and purposes of the University and the department/program/unit they seek to represent.
3. Promote activities that directly benefit alumni and Fresno State.
4. Raise money to support a campus-based need.

Craig School of Business Alumni Chpater Golf Tournament

An FSAA Chapter is an official and formal group of alumni and friends that has formed a bond around a Fresno State academic-based school, college or department.

CLUBS: An FSAA Club is an official group of alumni and friends that has formed a bond around a non-academic-based theme or a special interest.

NETWORKS: An FSAA Network is a regionally based groups of alumni and friends.

Check out a list of our current Chapters, Clubs, and Networks to get involved.

FSAA Staff Support:

The following staff members are available to answer questions and support our Chapters, Clubs & Networks.

Purpose Contact
Program Management & Event Support
  • General questions and establishment of new groups
  • Event guidance, marketing, promotions and reporting
  • FSAA and campus communications.
Nicole Traverso
Event Management and Volunteer Coordinator
Careen Wong-Stach
Alumni Engagement Coordinator 
  • Establishing and management of endowed scholarships
  • Developing a scholarship selection committee and selecting recipients
Peter Robertson 
Director of Development
Donna Moreno
Administrative Assistant
  • General questions about raising funds for passion projects
  • Guidance, planning and creation support
Amanda Hall
Digital Fundraising Specialist
  • Obtaining financial statements
  • Respond to financial inquired from leadership
Laura Alcantar
Finance and Operations Manager