About Us


The Fresno State Alumni Association is dedicated to uniting and advancing the interests and traditions of alumni and friends of California State University, Fresno, and providing scholarship opportunities that attract and support highly motivated students to the University.


The Fresno State Alumni Association has roots to the first Fresno Normal School graduating class of 1912 and was incorporated in 1940. To date more than 180,000 graduates and thousands of others who have had a Fresno State educational experience, have migrated to every state in the nation and many are located throughout the world. The university maintains database records of more than 200,000 alumni, past students and friends of the university.


The Fresno State Alumni Association is governed by a 30-member board of volunteers (26 voting and 4 non-voting). The policies of the Fresno State Alumni Association are developed by and administered through the Board of Directors. The President of the University, the Vice President for University Advancement, the Executive Director of the Fresno State Alumni Association, and the President of Associated Students, Inc. each hold a liaison non-voting position on the Board of Directors. This Board operates on a committee system which utilizes an Executive Committee to carry out and support the administrative mandates of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee oversees and ensures proprietary goals and information flows on a daily basis for the entire organization.


The Fresno State Alumni Association is students, alumni and graduates’ official “Bulldog Connection. For Life. “

The Board of Directors’ has embraced three value points for the organization:

• Engagement: To be the recognized leadership organization that engages our students, alumni and friends to connect to Fresno State through meaningful alumni activities, volunteerism and advocacy.

• Scholarship: To be a visible leader in growing our scholarship endowment that helps to attract the “best and brightest students” to Fresno State.

• Recognition: To regularly showcase and recognize Fresno State alumni who have achieved success in their chosen field and/or have made significant community contributions.