Our staff is composed of Fresno State students interested in pursuing careers in floral design, event planning and teaching floriculture in schools and colleges.


Floral Manager

Elisa Valdez

Current Student Assistants

Martha Lopez

Marisela Ruiz

Sarah McMaster

Theresa LaFranchise

Beatriz Rodriguez

Mercedes Rubio

Jenna Smith

Mario Rodriguez

Nicole Alarcon

Hannah Cortez

Ashley Stuart

Kelli Williamson

Previous Student Assistants

Kari (Torres) Wilterding

Jessica (Miller) Fahey

Angela Lowery

Sarah (Wenter) Koeppe

Annie Ames

Crystal Oropeza

Kathleen (Blayney) Hoeflinger

Mindy Clissco

Kyle Hailey

Alicia Franci

Claire McNames

Emmalee Casillas

Kari Sargent

Kacy Moritz


Malorie Robins

Jeannette Macias

Annie Anderson

Breanna Johnson

Karlene Mello

Erica Ramirez

Edith Saldivar

Lynn (Bosley) Trentham