Sweet Treats

The farm market offers a variety of candy covered Fresno State almonds and raisins to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. Some of our popular selling items include our refreshing Lemon Creme almonds as well as our savory Dark Chocolate Raisins.

Don't forget to try our Bulldog Bark Chocolate Bars! The Bulldog Bark comes in Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Raisins, and Milk Chocolate with Almonds only.


*Product availability may be limited. For current industry please call the market at (559) 278-4511.*


Bulldog Bark Bars


   bulldog bark milk chocolate              dark choc



   milk choc              milk choc with almonds                                                                              

  Chocolate and Coated Almonds


    cinn toffee almonds          dark chocolate almonds          dark chocolate caramel almonds


    lemon creme almonds          mc almonds          mc toffee almonds


    sugar free mc almonds          mocha truffle almonds          dark choc macaroon almonds


     yogurt almonds


  Chocolate and Coated Raisins


   mc raisins            dc raisins           yogurt raisins