Located in one of the most productive cheese regions in the world Fresno State Dairy Processing is always experimenting with new varieties. Cheese production is very labor intensive for the unit, so often it is in short supply at the Fresno State Farm Market; when you visit make sure you look for it!

making cheese

Students are very active in the the cheese making process.  The

pictures on this page show students draing the whey, salting curds, putting the cheese into molds, and finally our finished product after it has been vaccsaltingum packed.




putting cheese into the molds


the finished product





keep checking back with us on our progress with sheep and goats milk cheeses.  We hope to have them available soon.  If there are any cheeses you would like us to make please let us know.  We are open to suggestions!

For more information about cheese production in California and to view some of the "Happy Cow" ads visit the Real California Cheese website.

Cheese Making:

Cheddar Cheese process