Basic Manual for Web Content Management System (1.8 MB, PDF)

In the Basic Manual users will see screenshots with step-by step instructions on how to login to OU Campus, edit content on pages, upload images, upload documents, create hyperlinks, save and publish pages, modify page specific items, check-in pages and logout of the system.

Advanced Manual for Web Content Management System (2.08 MB, PDF)

In the Advanced Manual users will see screenshots with step-by step instructions on how to create new sections and new pages, modify their top and side navigation, embed videos, create tables, use anchors, snippets and assets, publish to Twitter and Facebook, overwrite images or documents, modify the page title and breadcrumb, send messages or pages to users, and how to request accordions, level 8 access, photo galleries and photo carousels.

Binary Manager Documentation (69.6 KB, PDF)
(For Kremen School of Education & Human Development)

This documentation is for those colleges that have the binary manager enabled.  Uploading images and documents is a different for these users, they upload to the Staging server rather than the Production server.

Video Tutorials

The Basics

Coming soon!

  • Backing up and reverting a page to a previous version
  • Copying and pasting text
  • Embedding YouTube videos
  • Extracting zip files
  • Inserting Tables
  • Creating new sections
  • Creating new pages
Quick sheets

OU Campus General Information

Content Tab

Content Editing in WYSIWYG Editor (Green Edit Button)

Dashboard Tab