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Fresno State Brand Style Guide

A bold brand ignites student success that transforms individuals, communities and industries.

You see the words Discovery, Diversity and Distinction just about everywhere you see the Fresno State logo. There’s a reason for that. It reminds us why we are here at Fresno State: to educate and empower students for success through the discoveries they make, the diversity that will enrich their life experiences, and the distinctions they will imprint on a changing world.

This style guide was developed to help campus units bring Fresno State’s brand to life. It will allow you to present a cohesive image of our University. Apply it to all communications to help ensure we achieve brand continuity across platforms.

Our Brand

Brand Resources

Applying the Brand

Applying the Fresno State brand starts with understanding the tools and resources that make up our brand platform. Explore the following guidelines to help you improve the effectiveness of our University communications.
  • Fresno State outdoor sign

    The University Name

    The Fresno State identity is much more than a graphic appearance; the University’s identity represents an important component in its unique personality.

  • Female student looking at a Fresno State banner

    Official Logos

    The Fresno State logo is the primary wordmark that visually distinguishes the University. Its design is intended to identify the campus in a modern, clean fashion. It should be used by all campus units to convey a sense of the whole University through uniformity and consistency.

  • Typographic elements


    Typography is a critical component to our identity. The fonts we’ve chosen embody the essence of our communications goals that fuse universal functionality with an unmistakably bold presence — enhancing the strength of our brand with consistent use.

  • Fresno State color palette


    Fresno State’s color palette is one of the most recognized aspects of its brand identity. Using color appropriately is vital to reflecting a cohesive image.

  • Fresno State stationery


    Every organization depends on a variety of business documents for communications. Brand templates from Microsoft Word to Powerpoint make it easier for a cohesive brand identity across campus.

  • Students purchasing Fresno State merchandise

    Trademark Licensing

    The trademark licensing program gives the University control over its logos and marks, thus, ensuring the quality and consistency of all of the University’s merchandise.

  • Fresno State design publications

    Brand in Action

    See how visual identity components of the Fresno State brand are being implemented across instutional print, web, email and video projects.

  • Brand approval process Please note: All graphic projects utilizing the University’s visual identity must be approved by University Brand Strategy and Marketing.

    Brand Approval

    To submit your request, please contact:

    Todd Graves
    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Fresno State marching band

    Voice, Tone and Writing Style

    When we speak or write about Fresno State, what we say matters — but how we say it is equally important.

  • Close-up of Fresno State medallion

    Editorial Style Guide

    Our editorial style guide will help bring stylistic uniformity to the University’s many publications, presentations and websites.

  • A Fresno State graduate embraces her child at commencement

    Development Resources

    Carefully-crafted communications ensure trust, convey importance and strengthen the connection between a donor and the University.

  • Programming code on a screen


    Each visitor comes to our site with a specific purpose in mind throughout their higher ed, decision-making journey. The better we recognize and understand this journey, the better we can provide our visitors with the right information at the right time. This builds trust, loyalty and credibility while also establishing strong relationships.

  • Woman typing on a laptop

    Email Marketing

    Email is a key platform to engage with your audiences, share news and information, drive attendance to events and solicit donations. Every email message should be strategic, concise, blend visuals and copy in an impactful but accessible way, and offer recipients a clear call to action.

  • Close-up of apps on a mobile device

    Social Media

    Connect and engage with followers while spreading the infectious Bulldog spirit. While rules and best practices vary by platform, here you will find some guiding principles to keep your social media accounts effective and on brand.

  • Canon DSLR camera


    Photography, at its best, is a powerful language which speaks to our emotions. It allows us to tell our story and show others our framing of the world around us.

  • Fresno State videographer behind the scenes at an Athletics shoot

    Video Production

    Visual content is the key to great engagement and a well-produced video is no exception. Videos offer an evocative way of engaging with our audience, tapping into their emotions and instilling feelings that drives actions.