Our Staff

University Advancement

Name/Email Title Phone
Paula Castadio Vice President for University Advancement 559.278.6050
Helen Bailey Administrative Assistant 559.278.3089
Kimberly Cubre Executive Administrative Assistant 559.278.7305

Advancement Operations

Name/Email Title Phone
Lori Clanton Director of Advancement Operations 559.278.6050
Clarence Chiong Licensing & Trademark Specialist 559.278.4451

Advancement Services

Name/Email Title Phone
Leticia Reyna Cano Executive Director of Advancement Services 559.278.7459
Fotini Alfieris Donor Relations, Director 559.278.5870
Yvette Angeles Donor Relations and Event Coordinator 559.278.7137
VACANT Administrative Assistant for Donor Relations  
Stephen Austin Lead Gift Processor 559.278.6884
Maggie Espinoza Supervisor of Biographical & Demographic Information 559.278.6239
Rusty Estrada Analyst/Programmer 559.278.4662
Ulises Gutierrez-Guel Reporting Specialist 559.278.4392
Frank Johnson Data Entry Technician 559.278.2314
Donna Lanier Administrative Assistant 559.278.4036
Javier Morales Director of Gift Administration 559.278.0453
Monica Nino Latner Data Entry Technician 559.278.2471
Bill Perry Senior Prospect Management Analyst 559.278.3093
Karla Rodela Research Assistant 559.278.7665
Vera Ponomarov Gift Processor 559.278.6241
Veronica Reyes Data Entry Technician 559.278.2258
VACANT Data Entry Technician  
Joann Venturi Systems Administrator 559.278.6864

Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving

Name/Email Title Phone
Jacquelyn K. Glasener Executive Director, Fresno State Alumni Association 559.278.2586
Laura Alcantar Operations Analyst 559.278.5046
Pamela Dyer Alumni House Manager 559.278.2761
Josie Tarvin Annual Giving Administrative Analyst 559.278.1867
Amanda Hall Program Coordinator for Student and Young Alumni Engagement 559.278.0400
Denise Nunez Administrative Support Assistant 559.278.8734
Patricia O'Connor Director of Annual Giving 559.278.7392
Peter Robertson Director of Alumni Connections 559.278.4669
Matthew D. Schulz Director of Engagement 559.278.0464
Careen Wong-Stach Annual Giving Coordinator 559.278.8109
Nicole Traverso Event Management & Volunteer Coordinator 559.278.5723
VACANT Live Mascot Program Coordinator  

University Brand Strategy and Marketing

Name/Email Title Phone
Ashley Ilic Director of University Brand Strategy and Marketing 559.278.7303
Margarita Adona Administrative Assistant 559.278.4299
Asheline Beeson Digital Marketing Writer 559.278.6576
Joel Beery Graphic Designer 559.278.0389
Cary Edmondson University Photographer 559.278.4656
Adriana Etchart Graphic Designer/Web Coordinator 559.278.4620
Todd Graves Senior Graphic Designer 559.278.2453
Randy Haar Senior Videographer 559.278.4668
Esra Hashem Marketing Strategist 559.278.0839
Kevin Medeiros Web Developer 559.278.6286
Chris Samaro Videographer 559.278.2561
Domenick Satterberg Senior Videographer 559.278.5771

University Communications

Name/Email Title Phone
Patti Waid Director of University Communications 559.278.2795
Eddie Hughes Senior Editor/Writer 559.278.4378
Angel Langridge Executive Administrative Assistant 559.278.5030
BoNhia Lee Communications Specialist 559.278.5018
Jessica Piffero Social Media Specialist 559.278.1645
Lisa Boyles Public Information Officer 559.278.5366

University Development

Name/Email Title Phone
Caty Perez Associate Vice President for University Development 559.278.8243 
Katie Adamo Bewarder Continuing and Global Education, Assoc. Director  559.278.5768
Becky Brown Arts and Humanities, Assoc. Director 559.278.8341
Christine Simon Development, Executive Administrative Assistant 559.278.6858
Shannon Fast Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences & Technology, Director 559.278.8603
Daryl Fitzgerald Corporate and Foundation Relations, Director 559.278.7561
Alcidia Freitas Gomes Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences & Technology, Sr. Director 559.278.4266
Liz Garvin Planned Giving, Director 559.278.4038
Micheline Golden Social Sciences, Director 559.278.6858
David Hembree Student Affairs, Director 559.278.5052
Shawn McDaniel Principal Gift Officer 559.278.4005
Amy Millis Health & Human Services, Director 559.278.5590
VACANT Henry Madden Library, Director 559.278.7177
Cara Peracchi-Douglas Craig School of Business, Director 559.278.2919
Katelyn Spencer Central Administrative Assistant 559.278.2470
Richard Verducci Student Affairs, Director 559.278.5052
Steve Weakland Lyles College of Engineering, Director 559.278.1755
Laura Whitehouse Kremen School of Education & Human Development, Director 559.278.0393
Moon-Ja Yunouye Arts and Humanities, Director 559.278.8341
VACANT Science and Mathematics, Director 559.278.5995
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