Official University Seal

Official University Seal

The seal signifies the academic character of the University and is appropriately used in support of official University policies, decisions, ceremonies or other formal actions of the University as an academic institution. To maintain its integrity and effectiveness, the seal may not be used for relatively informal, routine or promotional materials, invitations other than academic-specific events or for materials not directly related to academic purposes without written permission by the vice president for University Advancement or the director of Community Projects and Publications. The seal, in full color or line art, is permitted (but not required) on materials related to the following:

  • the Office of the President;
  • University-level formal and official documents such as diplomas, academic awards and certificates, transcripts, resolutions and Commencement invitations, university reports;
  • all faculty communications;
  • international correspondence;
  • correspondence with academic societies and publishers;
  • letters of reference

If you choose, the University logo may be used for the above instead of the seal.


What it symbolizes

The official seal symbolizes formal authority vested in the University. The seal is a mark of authentication and institutional sanction.

The official seal was designed by artist and Fresno State Professor Emeritus Darwin Musselman and includes the "lamp of learning" and the "book of knowledge."

The Latin inscription "Lvcem Accipe Vt Reddas" translates as "Receive the light that you may give it forth." The University’s official name, California State University, Fresno, encircles the seal. The date 1911 refers to the founding year of the university.

Usage guidelines

For questions or to submit a request for exception review, contact University Brand Strategy and Marketing.

A campus stationery template with the Fresno State logo is available in the Downloadable Resources section of this website. This template may be used for both printable and electronic (email) letterhead uses.