The University Name

Accepted Uses

The Fresno State visual identity is much more than a graphic appearance; the university’s visual identity represents an important component in its unique personality. It is important to use the name correctly and consistently to distinguish the university from others in the system and around the country. Through consistency, Fresno State can continue to establish name recognition locally, regionally and on a statewide and national level as well.

California State University, Fresno

This is the university’s formal name that identifies it as part of the California State University system. California State University, Fresno is one of 23 campuses in the CSU system.

Fresno State

This is the acceptable shorter, less formal name for the university. It is acceptable as a first text reference, as well as subsequent references. 

The Comma

Because there are different uses of the university name, there are also different rules for use of the comma. When the formal, full name appears on a single line title or in copy, the comma is always used, separating California State University from its location in Fresno. It is incorrect to replace the comma with “at” or “of” or any other connecting word or symbol. In addition, when California State University, Fresno appears in a sentence such as this one, there is no comma following Fresno.


No acronyms are allowed.


Formal Name



California State University, Fresno


California State University Fresno

California State University at Fresno

California State University of Fresno

California State University in Fresno

California State University – Fresno

California State University: Fresno

Cal State University Fresno

Cal State Fresno

CSU Fresno



Informal Name



Fresno State






Fresno State College

Fresno State University





Fr. State

Fr. St.