Trademark Licensing Program

Fresno State has contracted with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) to be the University’s exclusive licens­ing agent to administer the licensing program and to ensure quality control and overall compliance.

Fresno State will allow the production and distribution of merchandise bearing its name and marks only through official licensees. Anyone wishing to produce merchandise must be licensed to do so. Please direct any vendor that you wish to place an order with to the Office of Licensing and Trademarks or to begin the licensing process by completing the necessary application.

The Collegiate Licensing Company, in conjunction with Fresno State personnel, including the Office of Licensing and Trademarks and the Athletic De­partment, will administer the licensing program and oversee the approval of artwork, the issuance of license agreements and the collection of royalties due to Fresno State. Only authorized vendors should be used for any purchases of Fresno State merchandise.

For more information, contact the Director of Licensing and Trademarks, Clarence Chiong at 559.278.4451.