School and College Usage


To help the University convey a unified visual identity and keep our core identity from being diluted, it was necessary to eliminate most logos that had been created by individual campus units. All academic and administrative departments and divisions, as well as centers and institutes, research, outreach, student services and support services units of Fresno State, and its auxiliary operations, are not eligible for their own individu­ally styled logo. However, all are entitled to associate their names with the Fresno State logo. Sub-identities are restricted to no more than two lines below the Fresno State (except when a unit name requires additional lines) and underlying rule and cannot be a font size greater than 40 percent the height of “Fresno State.”

An identity extension is a graphic identification mark that features the primary Fresno State identity and includes the identity of a unit. For example:

Examples of approved College or School logos

Examples of approved department logos

“Office of,” “Department of,” will not be displayed in the sub-identity. Do not try to reproduce the logo; please contact University Communications for your sub-identity logo.

Any taglines or mottos of campus offices or programs may not be used directly with the Fresno State logo. However, they may be used if placed at a distinct distance away from the Fresno State logo, such as at the bottom of a page if the Fresno State logo is on the top portion. 

Faculty and Staff Organizations/Associations Logo Usage

Faculty and staff organizations that do not maintain a national identity association are encour­aged to use a text treatment for their organization’s name. A unique logo is not allowed.

Please contact the Office of University Communications for assistance.


Multiple Logos

Fresno State understands the importance of creating a consistent look to brand or market an event. Multiple University/department/program logos are not permitted on a single printed or web-based piece. Upon request, special sponsorship logos will be created for posters, ads, or other promotional material. The primary sponsor logo will be created with all other participating schools, colleges, departments, programs etc. listed underneath. (See examples 1 and 2)

Example of multiple photos

Student Usage

How do Students Fit into the Identity of the Campus?

Students are central to the identity of the campus, and various groups may want to use the logo as part of their organization’s identity. We ask that you contact the Office of University Communications for clarificatio­n. In cases in which student groups would like to utilize the University identity, the following rules apply:

Student Organization Logo Usage

Student leadership organizations (i.e. student clubs, Greek organizations) are not required to use the university identity or logo.

Students wanting to align their groups with the University identity are strongly encouraged to contact the Office of University Communications for consultation and more information.

If student groups would like to use the University identity, they must request and receive written permission from the Office of University Communications. If permission is granted, the identity cannot be modified in any way. Design elements of the identity are not allowed to be extracted and used in designs. For instance, portions of the logo may not be extracted and used as part of another design.

Logo usage evaluation is based on the goals and missions the organization has in place. If they are consistent with the University goals and missions, that will increase the likelihood of approval.

Student Business Cards

Official business cards are issued to students, student assistants, or interns on rare occasions for students who have significant contact with the public as a representative of a university office. Official University business cards are meant to serve as identification for business purposes and should contain basic contact information.

Alternate business cards containing the Fresno State name and/or logo are strictly prohibited. Only official University business cards are allowed.