Logo Transition

It is important that the entire campus community make the full transition to the new logo. We realize that many campus units have invested in a variety of printed materials, as well as items such as clothing containing the previous university logo or their own individual logo. However, the old materials no longer represent the university and dilute our new visual identity. Therefore, you will be asked to discontinue the use of these previous materials no later than December 31, 2012.

As you use up your remaining stock of items such as letterhead, business cards, etc. and are ready to transition to the new logo, please follow the guidelines and standards presented in this manual. If you are discarding old printed materials, including the Centennial logo, please be sure to recycle.


  • Please note that only the stationery presented in this manual should be used to represent Fresno State. Please do not create your own letterhead, and do not print out electronic stationery, which is for email use only.
  • Only official university letterhead should be used for printed correspondence representing Fresno State.
  • Campus units currently using materials with logos that are not approved should discard those materials immediately.
  • Letterhead, envelopes, and business cards are available from the university's Printing Services.
  • In instances where a brochure or other publication is being reprinted, the new university identity should be used.
  • When ordering merchandise, clothing and other specialized items, the new logo should be used starting immediately.


Fresno State's Office of University Communications is happy to assist in creating materials for you to best utilize the university's new graphic identity.

Please contact the Publications Office for assistance and approval at 559.278.8595.