Logo Components

The primary Fresno State logo consists of the paw icon, the wordmark and the tagline. There are instances when the logo will not use a tagline and instances when the tagline will be replaced by the name of a campus unit.

1. The Icon

The paw image represents campus pride in our mascot, the Bulldog.

2. The Wordmark

The wordmark has been crafted in all-caps in a specially designed variation of the font, Friz Quadrata. Imbedded in the wordmark is the Bulldog paw print.

3. The Tagline

A tagline is a memorable phrase that expresses a brand. Our tagline is “Discovery. Diversity. Distinction.” It declares the uniqueness of Fresno State as an institution.

The University tagline is part of the official Fresno State logo. When the tagline appears with the wordmark, it must appear as an integral component of the logo, either in the approved horizontal version or the stacked version as shown.

The Complete Logo

Do not break out the icon by itself. Please see the sections about proper and improper uses of the logo and wordmark on the following pages to understand the accepted applications.

The logo or wordmark should not be repositioned in relation to each other in any way other than designated by these guidelines.

The logo can be used with the name of a college, department or other campus unit, as explained on this website. This allows those units to have their own identity while linking to the overall identity of the University. The purpose is to project the University as a whole, with its relationship to individual units in the form of an extension logo.

However, please do not create this extension (or sub-identity) logo yourself. Please consult with the Office of University Brand Strategy and Marketing to have your individual unit name created in unison with the primary logo to assure the correct type face, size and spatial relations.

The official Fresno State logo should appear on all university printed and online communications. It should always be displayed clearly but not necessarily conspicuously, on the front and/or back of a brochure or newsletter, and on advertisements and fliers.

Logo size

The full logo should be used no smaller than 1.25 inches in width with no proportional loss in depth. Exceptions to the size restriction will be made on a case by case basis for smaller marketing items such as writing pens, key chains etc.


Alternate logo configurations

Shown below are four approved configurations of the logo, allowing additional flexibility. Do not create applications other than those outlined below. Other configurations are incorrect and unac­ceptable:

LOGO WITH tagline at right

Campus logo with Tagline right

LOGO WITH tagline under the rule

Logo with tagline underneath

LOGO WITHOUT underline or tagline

Logo with no tagline

LOGO WITH Rule and a unit name under the rule

Logo with unit name wide layout

logo with unit name tall layout


The Logo on a Photograph

Photographs can produce an extra challenge to legibility with color variations in images. The contrast between the logo and the image should allow for legibility and readability of the logo. Under no circumstances should any outlines or effects be added to the logo.


Unacceptable Uses/Misuse of the logo

The logo must not be redrawn or modified in any way. It must not be decorated, represented in perspective, outlined or used for frivolous decorative purposes. Do not use the logo on a background that interferes with the legibility of the logo. Contact the Office of University Brand Strategy and Marketing for assistance.

Examples of logo misuse

The logo is available through the Office of University Brand Strategy and Marketing. To request a digital logo file, email brand@csufresno.edu. To check for any updates to the visual identity standards please refer back to this website.