New campus logo


The University Logo

The Fresno State logo is the primary graphic identification mark that visually distinguishes the University. Its design is intended to identify the campus in a modern, clean fashion. It should be used by all campus units to convey a sense of the whole University through uniformity and consistency. It should be displayed promi­nently on all University documents and publications (unless superseded by the University seal, which is only used on official and Presidential documents).

On single-sheet publications and documents such as fliers, postcard mailers, programs, advertisements etc., the logo must be on the primary informational side of the publication. The logo must be no smaller than 1.5 inches wide and proportional in height. If multiple logos (for event sponsors etc.) are necessary, the University logo must be in the superior position and be presented larger than any sponsor logos.

Other logos are not acceptable. Research proves that the use of multiple and differing logos dilutes the impact and effectiveness of the primary identify of an institution and confuses the target audiences.

Variations of the Fresno State logo allow campus entities to be associated with the University visual identity.

There are several main elements to the Fresno State visual identity effort:

  • The design of the wordmark, which is simply our name expressed in a specific font
  • The design of the paw icon
  • The tagline: Discovery. Diversity. Distinction.
  • The lettering style (or font)
  • The correct colors
  • The correct size, proportion and spacing
  • The correct background

No logos other than the official Fresno State logo and those logos recognized as officially approved logos are authorized for use on any letterhead, business cards, publications, websites or other applications representing the University or a unit of the University.

The Brand and Graphics Standards Manual (see Downloadable Resources) includes chapters that address the logo (the proper combined use of the icon and wordmark), along with specific guidelines for its proper use. A wide variety of accepted uses of the logo have been accommodated, allowing campus units tremendous flexibility in how they present the University’s visual identity. However, all applications of the logo must follow the guidelines set forth on this site and in the Standards Manual, and such uses must be approved by the University’s Office of University Communications.

Consistency in the use of the logo and wordmark elements assists in protecting the University’s visual identity against plagiarism. Please refer to the sample logos on this site for proper usage.

Basic Rules

  • Don’t alter the proportions or spatial relationships of the logo or its parts (paw icon and wordmark);
  • Don’t change the color of the logo;
  • Don’t lighten or darken the logo;
  • Don’t use the logo in outline form;
  • Don’t add an outline to the logo;
  • Don’t distort, skew, morph or italicize the logo;
  • Don’t use artificial dimensional effects (such as making the logo three-dimensional or using the digital embossing effect). Having the logo actually embossed is acceptable but using artificial dimensional effects can reduce the legibility of the logo and change the logo design.
  • Don’t make a pattern or decorative device out of the logo or its parts (wordmark);
  • Don’t use any part of the logo or its styling as the basis for another design;
  • Make sure there is enough contrast between the logo and any background it is against to ensure proper legibility;
  • Avoid busy, complex backgrounds that interfere with legibility;
  • Don’t use a logo unless it is in perfect condition (no jagged edges, blurriness, missing parts).

Please consult with the Office of University Brand Strategy and Marketing to clarify any of the basic rules at 559.278.8595 or email