Business Cards

Faculty, administrators or staff who need business cards as an integral part of their jobs may request them. Cards also may be appropriate for students whose campus jobs bring them in extensive contact with the public. Please keep information as concise as possible. Academic degree designations are limited to space available, with the highest attained degree listed first after your name. Professional designations such as CPA, LCSW etc. also are permitted when space is available. For questions about specific degree designations, contact the Director of Publications at 559.278.5029.

Supervisors and department heads are responsible for approving requests for business cards.

Students are permitted Fresno State business cards if needed for their University-related work or volunteer activities. Student business cards must be approved by the student's department chair or supervisor. Student business cards are limited to the Fresno State 3Ds version of the card. "Student" should replace job title in the samples below. Only students' official Fresno State email addresses may be displayed on the cards; personal email or website addresses are not permitted.

Four options for faculty and staff are available:

Single-Sided Business Cards

Double-Sided Business Cards