Video Best Practices

A campaign video is one of the most crucial pieces of your project. It should be between 1 and 2 minutes that describes content similar to your main project description, including who you are, why your project is important to your organization, the institution, and the larger community, and finally how the donor can help. Include your team members in this video! Include people who will benefit from the money raised! Putting a personal face on the impact will help draw your donor in.

There are three basic strategies that you’ll want to utilize in any video you create for your campaign.

  1. Authenticity - The first is authenticity. It’s important to keep in mind that this is peer-to-peer fundraising so, this video should be told using your team’s voice and not your institution’s. Your video should highlight the best parts of your team and your project mission. You need to make a personal connection with your potential donors – the more authentic you are, the stronger the connection becomes.
  2. Layout - Make sure to always shoot horizontally.
  3. Sound - Ensure your surroundings are quiet when filming. Most people will be consuming this on a mobile device, so making sure your audio is clear is critical.

If you have any questions around video content or ideas about videos for your particular project, please contact Amanda Hall at 559.278.0400 or