End User Agreement

Fresno State Crowdfunding is a platform enabling the Fresno State community to raise funds for the myriad of incredible ventures our students and faculty embark upon every year.

In recognition of the partnership with University Advancement and the desire to create an exceptional experience for all donors, each user of the Fresno State Crowdfunding platform assumes the responsibilities outlined below:

  • Responsibilities outlined in the project leader guide and any additional checklists provided by University staff.
  • Have content added to the platform at least one week prior to go-live date for review.
  • Only expend funds for purposes specifically outlined in the project plans and marketing materials. Spending obligations are subject to change as seen fit by University Advancement staff.
  • Understand that a 5% assessment will be deducted from donations to partially defray the cost of the Crowdfunding program.
  • Respond to all communications with Advancement staff as promptly as possible.
  • Provide all additional donor information provided through alternative channels of communication (to include e-mail, phone conversations, etc.) to University Advancement staff upon request.
  • Complete ALL (3) phases of a crowdfunding campaign including the Quiet, Active and Post-Campaign Phases to the best of your team’s ability.

In exchange for user’s promise of support, University Advancement staff will provide:

  • Training on project strategy and best practices around philanthropic crowdfunding.
  • Feedback and assistance on project content, marketing, and stewardship planning.
  • University marketing support.
  • Funds raised through campaign promptly upon approval.

This mutual acceptance of responsibility will provide stability throughout the fundraising process and growth of the platform throughout the institution.

Upon signing this agreement, you grant University Advancement full access to the media uploaded and data collected from your project’s profile in addition to all other donor information associated with your project as requested by University Advancement staff.

Please download, print and sign the End User Agreement and email it to Amanda hall at ahall@mail.fresnostate.edu.