Executive Orders

Executive Order 1097

Prohibits acts of discrimination and harassment against students, including extended education students and student applicants, based on sex (including gender and sexual orientation), and other protected statuses, including age, disability, genetic information, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion and veteran status.  It is the CSU system-wide policy that informs a university community member on what to do if he or she learns of an instance of sexual discrimination/harassment involving a Fresno State student, regardless of whether he or she was/is involved, as well as on the process which Fresno State follows to ensure timely and appropriate resolution of the matter, including taking interim steps to protect victims and whistle-blowers from retaliation. 

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Executive Order  1098

The system-wide student discipline policy through which Fresno State resolves issues of student misconduct, including sexual discrimination/harassment.  The policy also includes the possible consequences for substantiated charges.  The consequences listed are distinct from any possible criminal prosecution and civil liability that may result from a student’s misconduct.

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