Important Update:  There will be no more rentals provided by the Warehouse after August 31, 2017.  Starting September 1st, all table/chair rentals will be provided by a 3rd party.  More information regarding the placing of orders for rentals (table, chair, etc) can be found at the following website:

Table/Chair Rental

The University Warehouse rents tables and chairs for special events on campus. A rental form must be completed and submitted well in advance of the event to the Warehouse Service office, UW 127. Foundation accounts must have a foundation purchase order attached to the rental agreement before any deliveries can be made. It is recommended that rental request's are sent well in advance of your planned event. For more information you may contact Warehouse Service's at 82139 or 85226.

Deliveries: Table and chair requests are delivered to on campus locations only. We do not make off campus deliveries due to our staffing. There is no delivery service available on weekends. If you need tables and chairs for a weekend event, they will be delivered on Friday afternoon and picked up on Monday morning. Departments renting tables and chairs for a weekend event must provide a secure location for storage.

Set Up: The warehouse will set up tables and chairs for your event, and take them down after the even. There is an additional fee charged for this service (see rental agreement).

Loss/Damage: The renting department will be responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment and will be billed for replacement.

Rental Charges:

  • Tables $5.00 ea per day
  • Chairs $0.60 ea per day
  • Set up $0.35 each Chair
  • Set up $0.60 each Table
  • Take Down $0.35 each Chair
  • Take Down $.60 each Table