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AT&T Mobility
Contact Information:
Cell Phone Rep: Adriana Varela
Phone: (559) 367-7961
Fax: (559) 325-6973
E-Mail: av9892@att.com

Current available AT&T equipment, accessories, and pricing can be viewed at: https://business.cingular.com/business

Login: CSUF
Password: csuf01
Note: Both are case sensitive
Step One: Do you want to create a new billing account? Click - Yes (Do not be concerned as this is a view only site)
Step Two: What would you like to do? Click - Shop Phones/devices and Plans
Step Three: Enter Zip Code of 93740
Click - Continue
Click - Shop for Phones & Devices

Contact Information:
Cell Phone Rep: Bob Nicholson
Phone: (661) 565-8225
Fax: (661) 852-2901
E-Mail: Robert.Nicholson@sprint.com

Verizon Wireless
Contact Information:
Cell Phone Rep: Kristi Rickerd
Phone: (559) 240-5800
Fax: (559) 221-5422
E-Mail: Kristi.Rickerd@VerizonWireless.com

For the purposes of establishing a new cell phone account or continue with an existing account:

  1. A requisition must be submitted at the beginning of each fiscal year for a blanket . Purchase order to encumber funds to cover the cost of cell phone service throughout the entire fiscal year.
  2. If the purchase of a new device or any accessories is required, include the description of the device or accessory, required quantity, and corresponding price on the requisition for the blanket purchase order for cell phone service.
  3. Additional information to include on the requisition for cell phone service:
    1. Cell Phone Service User's Name:______________
    2. Cell Phone No.:___________________________
    3. Service Provider's Account No.:_______________
    4. List the description for all service plan(s) currently utilizing and corresponding monthly service fee.

Note: All cell phone equipment purchases and/or service plan additions or changes must be submitted on a PO alteration to the Purchasing Department for approval.