Office Supplies

Procurement and Support Services administers the office supplies online ordering program in association with OfficeMax. OfficeMax has been selected to provide office supplies and related products to Fresno State through a competitive bidding process conducted by the CSU.

In many office supply categories, Fresno State will receive substantial discounts off catalog and retail prices.

Program Administrator
Kevin Taloza
Phone: 559-278-0402

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OfficeMax Auto-Substitution Program

Effective October 1, 2012 the Chancellor's Office has initiated a CSU system-wide adoption of the OfficeMax auto-substituion program. The new program will automatically select substitutions for approximately 1,700 products with a lower-cost equilavent, often an OfficeMax or generic brand item, that has the same fit, form and function as the higher cost item. More information can be found by clicking here.


Establishing an OfficeMax Account

Fresno State staff members who are responsible for ordering office supplies will be given website access after submitting a completed OfficeMax Account Application to Procurement & Support Services. Once your account has been established you will receive an e-mail from OfficeMax with your user name and password.

If requested, Purchasing will provide each department with an OfficeMax Retail-Connect Card which will allow you to access Fresno State contract prices in OfficeMax retail stores. Just show the card at checkout and any items that are Fresno State contract items will be discounted at the register.

Changes to an OfficeMax Account

Changes to existing OfficeMax accounts for chartfields, delivery addresses, and addition or deletion of users must be submitted to Procurement & Support Services using the OfficeMax Account Application.

Web Ordering Information

You can order office supplies from your desk by using the OfficeMax website at The price you see on-line is the price we pay. Stock items ordered before 3:00 PM will usually be delivered to the requestor's office the next business day. The OfficeMax online ordering program is to be used only for authorized purchases for University use, and may not be used to make personal purchases, or purchases of computers, furniture, capital equipment, hospitality supplies, and other restricted items. Restricted items may be ordered through Procurement using a purchase requisition form.

Also, please remember to retain original boxes and packages on all items, especially all technology items for at least 30 days, in case a return will be required.

Preferred Suppliers

As a state agency we are mandated that a certain percentage of our business transactions are conducted with Diverse Suppliers Diverse Suppliers icon, and Small Businesses Small Businesses icon.We are also required to purchase and report on certain recycled content products recycling icon. Please purchase products from these vendors wherever possible.

The OfficeMax website includes a list of core items denoted by the symbol core items icon. Products with this symbol represent the CSU's highest usage in prior years, and afford the largest discount through the state contract with OfficeMax. All other items available through OfficeMax will be discounted as well, but the biggest savings will be on these core items.

Returning OfficeMax Products

OfficeMax's exchange policy is simple: 100% satisfaction. If for any reason your order doesn't meet your expectations, simply exchange it for an account credit. OfficeMax requests that your return the product within 30 working days, and the product stays in its original package so that it can be resold.

When a product needs to be returned you may call OfficeMax Customer Service: 1-800-472-6473, or logon to your OfficeMax account and click on the "customer Service" tab at the top of the page. In the box on the upper right hand portion of the screen, click on "return Request" to go to the online return form. After submitting the form, an OfficeMax Representative will send you an ATR (Authorization to Return) number.

OfficeMax Online Training

Purchasing will provide website training upon request, or you may access OfficeMax's online tutorial at: , and the user's guide is available in PDF form.

Customer Support

OfficeMax Customer Service: 1-800-472-6473
Call this number if.

  • You need help finding a product
  • You want more information about a product (size, case, qty., etc).
  • Your delivered order contained an error ( wrong item, quantity, etc).
  • You need to make a return

OfficeMax Technical Support: 1-800-817-8132
Call this number if.

  • You need help using any feature on the web site
  • You can also get help at any time by clicking on the Online Assistance button on any screen