Furniture Project Considerations

  1. Furniture projects require time for research and planning. Areas that may impact a project schedule may include, but are not limited to:
    1. Most furniture items are processed by special order and although "quick ship" products exist, most standard furniture items have a lead time of 6 - 10 weeks to arrive.
    2. New furniture plans and reconfigurations/modifications to existing furniture must be in compliance with current code regulations. ADA requirements and furniture plans require approval by campus architect.
    3. Depending on the complexity and cost of a plan, a project may be subject to the competitive bid process through the Procurement Department.
    4. Environmental requirements such as abatement of asbestos & lead, wall repairs, data & phone relocations, paint, re-carpet, relocation of electrical / plumbing, temporary storage needs or storage.
  2. In compliance with campus standards and Title 24, task lights are no longer permitted. A lighting assessment request may be submitted to the Facilities Furniture Desk for consideration.
  3. Coordinating furniture installation may include, but is not limited to:
    1. Workspaces must be readied to receive furniture.
    2. If you require Campus Moving Services - contact Ray at 278-7977, allow ample time to coordinate this request.
    3. Installation of furniture should be performed during business hours, unless otherwise specified during the planning stages. Special hours may be subject to additional fees.
    4. Upper floor deliveries require the use of an elevator, if one is not available, the project may be subject to added labor fees.
    5. Hallways and aisles must be kept clear and maintained in accordance with fire and building code requirements.
    6. Installation contractors must comply with campus insurance requirements, please refer them to Procurement & Support Services for further discussion.
  4. If your goal is to obtain a budget estimate for a potential project, please specify so at the time you are contacted by Facilities.

Furniture Contact Information

For All Furniture Needs Contact:

Facilities - Furniture Desk
(559) 278-8114
New Office Plan
Existing Office Reconfiguration
Budget Needs

Ergonomic Evaluations Contact:

Environmental Health & Safety
(559) 278-7422
Tracey Garzastrong>
Ergonomic Solution Recommendations

Furniture Procurement Questions:

Procurement & Support Services
(559) 278-0402
Kevin Talozastrong>
Purchase Order Questions
Furniture Repairs

Campus Furniture Moves:

Warehouse & Property Services
Ray Jimenezstrong>
Surplus Items