Bid Opportunities 

Fresno State is now using an online service, BidSync, to advertise and post all formal bids and RFP's. Formal bids and RFP's are products and services that are $50,000 or greater.  Click on the following link to register with Bidsync

Once registered with BidSync, you can go to the following link to view any available Fresno State bids

Fresno State Bids


Fresno State is also utilizing another online service, FedBid, for reverse auctions for both formal and informal bids and RFP's.  Registering with FedBid will give your company access to not just Fresno State's bids and RFP's, but other federal, state and local governments bidding opportunities.  Click on the following link to register with FeBid:

Any current Fresno State bidding opportunities through FedBid will have links direct to the bidding opportunities below:

(No FedBid bidding opportunities at this time)



Fresno State does not endorse FedBid or guarantee that all information provided here regarding the State of California, BidSync and FedBid is correct, and that it is the responsibility of the reader to research and verify all information.