Billing Barcodes

A new feature, a billing barcode printed on the right side of the envelope, will be appearing on all university #10 business envelopes printed by Printing and Mail Services. The billing barcode, as in the example below, contains the sending department or program s billing code used to charge-back the proper department. This new barcode will ensure the correct postage account is billed by eliminating manual data entry and possible mistakes.

Billing Barcode

Flat-sized envelopes may also be included in this new billing practice.

Departments may request a master barcode sheet, provided by Printing and Mail Services, and make label copies on their office copier. The label stock for this purpose is the Avery White Return Address Labels #5267 (1/2" x 13/4") which can be ordered through Boise Cascade using product number A55267.

These billing barcode labels, when used on flat-sized envelopes, should be affixed underneath the return address. When an address label is used containing both destination and return address, the billing barcode label should be placed in the upper left hand corner of the flat envelope. The barcode label should at all times be located in the upper left hand corner of the envelope
*See sample below

Barcode 2

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact: Lenora Young, ext. 82941 (email: