Procurement and Support Services

Procurement and Support Services is responsible for providing goods and services and a variety of support functions related to material and service acquisitions, printing services, warehouse and property services and mail services. Our professional staff is courteous, ethical and every effort is made to promote positive relationships with all of our customers.

There are five departments within Procurement and Support Services: Procurement, Mail Services, Printing Services, Warehouse, and Property Services.

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Procurement and Support Services Contacts
559.278.2111 and 559.278.4398 fax

Brian Cotham – Director

Tom Siechert - ATI Procurement Program Manager - Technology


Melanie Harbin – Public Works & Services

Mary Owens – Staples Accounts, Promotional Products, and other Commodities & Services

Kevin Taloza - Athletics, Cell Phone Services, Copier Administrator, Furniture, Procard Administrator, Technology

Lorrie Westcott - Public Works & Services

Administrative Support

Celia Gonzalez