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Staff & Faculty Incentives


Faculty and Staff are eligible to register for the Alternative Transportation Program. The ways to participate are explained below.

Scrip (Rideshare Dollars $$$$$)

Like Cash in Your Pocket! Each workday you use alternate transportation (carpool, bike, bus, motorcycle, walk, or telecommute) instead of driving alone to the campus, you earn 50 cents in rideshare scrip. Scrip can be redeemed at the Kennel Bookstore, the Farm Market, the Bulldog Shop, and most on-campus eating establishments.

Please note: Only full-time, benefited faculty and staff are eligible for scrip.

How does Scrip work?

Download the Alternative Transportation Calendar (from the "Forms" page), to record your alternative transportation for the current month.

Once the month has ended, Alternative Transportation Calendars are due by the 10th of the next month.

If the 10th of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a Holiday, the rideshare calendar must be turned in by the last business day prior to the weekend or holiday ---NO EXCEPTIONS---

Scrip will be ready for pickup beginning on the 15th of the next month, for the previous month.

Preferred Carpool Parking!

If you carpool to the campus with another employee you are eligible to receive a carpool permit.

What's Required:

  • Two or more faculty/staff employees commuting to work together make you university carpool-eligible for preferential carpool parking.
  • The carpool group must pledge to carpool a minimum of two days per week.
  • Park in designated "Rideshare" spaces only on the day(s) carpoolers ride together. Single commuters cannot park in the rideshare spaces.
  • Complete the Commuter Registration form and the Rideshare Permit Application

Free Bus Pass!

Hop on the bus with our free transit passes. Commute by bus and receive a free bus pass each month, good for all the Fresno Area Express or Clovis Transit routes for the entire month.

Would you consider taking transit 2-3 times a month?? We also offer a group of 10 "one way" tokens.

To sign up, simply complete the Commuter Registration form (be sure to check the "transit" box).

Bike or Walk!

Biking and walking are the only commute options which benefit not only the pocketbook but the heart, lungs, and mental health of the commuter. Cyclists and walkers also earn 50 cents a day in rideshare scrip!