Contact Information

Emergency - Call 911

P 559.278.2950
F 559.278.7538

Traffic Operations
2311 E Barstow Ave
Mail Stop PO 14
Fresno, CA 93740


8am - 5pm
7am - 3:30pm


5 or More Citations

If your vehicle has been immobilized or towed, contact the University Police Department at 559.278.8400. 

In most cases, vehicles immobilized for parking citations will be released if all outstanding, overdue parking citations are paid in full by 9:00 pm.

Payment can be made:

  1. During normal business hours, at the Police Service Center, by cash, money order, or cashier's check.
  2. Visa/MasterCard online
  3. Visa/MasterCard by phone, 1-888-757-1727