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University Ordinances

The (abridged) ordinances listed below are enforced on the Fresno State Campus, in addition to the regulations of the California Vehicle Code.

  1. All vehicles parked in any authorized parking area other than metered or time-limit zones are required to display a valid parking permit and are to be parked only in the areas designated on each permit. All decal permits must be affixed within a seven-inch square of the inside, lower portion of the front windshield on the passenger side. Hang tag permits must be placed on the rear view mirror or dashboard of the vehicle.
    1. Parking is specifically prohibited in Disabled spaces unless a Disabled permit, placard or license plate is displayed.
    2. Except for the purpose of transporting a disabled person, a person shall not display a disabled placard that was not issued to him or her or that has been cancelled or revoked. 
  2. Parking is specifically prohibited at all times in the areas listed below:
    1. In any zone marked with a red curb.
    2. Not in use
    3. In any zone marked with a white curb for longer than designated.
    4. Within 15 feet of any fire hydrant.
    5. On the road side of any vehicle parked, stopped or standing at the curb or edge of any roadway (double parking).
    6. Faculty, students and staff shall not park in any temporary visitor area designated and posted by the University Police Department.
    7. On or along any road or place that will impede or block the movement of any vehicle, farm machinery or equipment in an agricultural area.
  3. Vehicles parked on campus must comply with these regulations:
    1. Vehicles must be completely contained in the stalls in the areas marked for parking.
    2. Diagonally and perpendicularly parked vehicles must have one front wheel within 18 inches of the curb.
    3. Diagonally parked vehicles must be parked facing into stalls.
    4. All parking along roadways and areas not otherwise marked must be parallel with and facing the direction of traffic.
    5. Both inside wheels of parallel-parked vehicles must be within 18 inches of the curb.
  4. It shall be unlawful to fail to obey any sign erected or posted to designate a "No Parking Area."
  5. No person shall drive or ride any vehicle, bicycle, animal or other mode of transportation and no person shall stop, park or leave standing any vehicle, bicycle, animal or other mode of transportation, whether attended or unattended, upon the driveways, sidewalks, landscape areas, in buildings or areas not improved, paved or marked for parking, or any location that will impede, block, interrupt or alter the normal flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, except by special permit issued by the Department of Traffic Operations.
  6. It shall be unlawful to park any vehicle in any vehicle parking slot on which an altered, substituted or unauthorized parking permit or decal is displayed or used.
    1. It shall be unlawful to park any vehicle in any parking slot on which a lost, stolen, substituted or unauthorized parking permit or decal is displayed or used. 
  7. Policy under revision.
  8. No person shall park any vehicle in any parking meter space without depositing in the meter adjacent to such space coins of the United States as required by such meter. Payment is not required if the meter indicates a non-expired portion remains for the period for which a coin was previously deposited.
    1. No person shall deposit or cause to be deposited in any parking meter any defaced or bent coin, or any slug, device or metallic substitute for a coin of the United States.
    2. No person shall deface, injure, tamper with, open or willfully break, destroy or impair the usefulness of any parking meter.