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Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

CCTV cameras operate around the campus to provide a watchful eye on many parking facilities and areas of traffic and/or transportation. FSPD staff monitor the cameras in the police dispatch center in an effort to prevent or detect criminal activity. Whenever possible, the camera operator may capture visual contact before an officer arrives.

However, the cameras are no substitute for sound judgment. When in doubt regarding safety, utilize an emergency phone.

Emergency Phones

Emergency phones are located in parking lots, buildings (classrooms, offices, and elevators), and grounds for safety and prevention of criminal activity.

Classroom and office phones may be used to dial 911 or 88400 for direct police assistance.

Parking lot and grounds emergency phones are dark blue and are clearly marked with blue lights, and are linked directly to the police department for quick response.

Emergency phones are tested monthly to ensure equipment is in working order.

Safety Escort

Radio-equipped, uniformed, and trained safety escort officers will accompany persons to their destinations on campus 24 hours a day. If a safety escort officer is unavailable, a police officer will provide this service.

Call 559.278-8400 or locate an emergency phone to request a safety escort officer.

Directed Patrol

Special attention is directed towards any campus activity that generates a large number of participants, i.e. students, staff, faculty or the community.

Car Battery Assistance

Traffic Operations personnel may assist vehicles disabled by a dead battery.  Traffic Operations personnel will respond to the location and attempt to jump-start the vehicle.  If the vehicle will not start, officers will call someone to assist the party and stay with them until additional help arrives.