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Facility Security

Access to Buildings/Facilities

Access to campus buildings after-hours is limited to authorized faculty and staff with valid Fresno State identification. Students who wish to work in a building after hours must obtain written authorization from the college dean and have valid student identification. The written authorization must be on file with Fresno State Police Department dispatch prior to allowing access. Fresno State Police personnel are prepared to assist those needing access to a building. Anyone requesting after-hours access should contact Fresno State PD at 559.278-8400.

Generally, buildings are open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. and closed on the weekends unless classes or other authorized functions are being held. Keys are provided through Key Control located in the Plant Operations Building (2351 E Barstow Ave), 559.278.2373. Access to buildings controlled by keyless entry via the University Key Card Office is also administered through Key Control. Persons in unauthorized possession of University keys are in violation of the California Penal Code.

Building Security Checks

Fresno State Police Officers, Community Service Specialists, and Public Safety Assistants conduct building security checks 24 hours a day. Campus Buildings are secured starting at 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. Buildings stay secured on Saturdays and Sundays unless classes or other authorized functions are scheduled. 

Maintenance of Building/Facilities

The campus facilities are maintained by the Plant Operations department and patrolled by the Fresno State Police Department. Plant Operations maintains the campus buildings, grounds and roadways with a concern for safety and security. They inspect campus facilities regularly, respond to reports of potential safety and security hazards, and perform necessary repairs accordingly. Community Service Specialists test the emergency phones on a monthly basis, recommend the trimming of shrubbery for safety reasons, conduct periodic lighting surveys, and report non-functioning lights or other security hazards to Plant Operations. Call Plant Operations at 559.278 2373 during business hours or the FSPD at 559.278-8400 after hours to report any safety or security hazard in or around campus buildings, grounds, or roadways.

University Courtyard is maintained by the University Courtyard staff. Service requests are picked up by the housing and maintenance staff at least twice daily. Repairs are usually completed within 48 hours of the request being submitted, and maintenance concerns are addressed Mon.-Fri. between 8am and 4pm (Exception: During the first two weeks of each semester, repairs may require additional processing time due to the typical volume of requests experienced during that time). Emergency repairs approved by the Facility Coordinator are completed after hours or on weekends. Repairs are prioritized based on health and safety concerns, order of receipt and extensiveness of repair. Repairs made as a result of damage caused by the resident are billed to the resident.