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TITLE V: Student Conduct Code

Students who violate University policy, code of conduct or criminal laws may be expelled, suspended, placed on probation and/or subject to other disciplinary action. Procedures for addressing matters related to student conduct are available in the Student Affairs Office and through the Student Affairs website at  Students violating criminal offenses are subject to prosecution by the Fresno County Courts for local or state violations, or Federal Court for federal violations. In compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, victims of violent crimes, including sexual assault, are to be informed whenever information regarding disciplinary action taken by the university is included in a student’s file. The victim is required to keep the results of the disciplinary action and appeal confidential. Please see the Judicial Process section of this report or further information, or contact the Judicial Affairs Officer at 559.278-2541.

Employees who violate University policies or criminal laws may be subject to administrative review or criminal investigations. State employees, other than academic personnel, fall under the purview of the Director of Human Resources. Academic personnel fall under the purview of the Provost. Employees who violate federal, state, or local statutes are subject to criminal prosecution by the Fresno County or Federal Courts.