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On-Campus Student Housing and Fire Safety Systems

Fresno State, in conjunction with University Courtyard, has a total of 768 units and 1150 bed spaces available for on-campus housing.  Each unit is equipped with fire detection systems, including smoke detectors and pull stations.  Additionally, there is an evacuation and annunciation system on each building. 

Health and Safety Check Procedure

Health and Safety checks are performed once a semester by the Residential Life staff to find and eliminate safety violations. Students will be informed at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled check, however, in an emergency no notice will be given. Students are required to read and comply with the Fresno State University Courtyard student handbook guidelines, which include H&S inspections and all other rules and regulations for residential buildings. The inspections include, but are not limited to, a visual examination of electrical cords, smoke detectors, and the presence of prohibited items (e.g. source of open flame such as candles; non-surge protected extension cords; halogen lamps) or prohibited activity (e.g. smoking in the room; tampering with fire safety equipment). This assessment will also include a general assessment of food and waste storage and cleanliness of room.

Mandatory Fire Drills and Procedures for Evacuation

Fire drills in University Courtyard were conducted each semester during the academic year (2 times a year).  In 2013, fire drills were conducted on January 22-25th and September 3-6th.  All residents must evacuate their room, suite and building area immediately during the sounding of a fire alarm or upon the direction of a University Courtyard staff member.  The University Courtyard evacuation assembly point is in Parking Lot G.  Attempting to re-enter a building area without permission from University or Housing staff is prohibited.  Referral to the University Courtyard conduct system or to University Police for criminal/legal action may also be some of the consequences for failing to comply with the evacuation policy.  

Fire Drills

Date Type Location

January 21, 2014

Fire Drill-Unannounced

Graves/Sycamore Halls

January 22, 2014

Fire Drill-Unannounced

Baker/Aspen/Ponderosa Halls

January 23, 2014

Fire Drill-Unannounced

Homan/Birch Halls

January 24, 2014

Fire Drill-Unannounced

Atrium/Cedar/Sequoia Halls

September 2, 2014

Fire Drill-Unannounced

Birch/Sycamore Halls

September 3, 2014

Fire Drill-Unannounced

Atrium/Baker Halls 

September 4, 2014

Fire Drill-Unannounced

Cedar/Sequoia/Homan/Aspen/Ponderosa Halls

September 5, 2014

Fire Drill-Unannounced

Graves Hall